Applied Perceptions LLC

When every call counts, call
Applied Perceptions.

100% U.S.-based, problem-solver agents and a highly experienced supervisory team combine with cutting-edge technology to provide the best in live-agent service and sales, so you can experience the benefits of a contact center that’s also a profit center.

Call Center

Applied Perception's state-of-the-art customer service center is designed to provide its clients and their customers with a resource in turning their vision of customer service into a reality. Our Customer Relations Center of Excellnece is available to fill your needs.

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  • The AP AdvantageSaving the Sale, Strengthening Relationships

    When you’re choosing a contact center, you’ll hear lots of promises. Applied Perceptions provides measurable proof of performance. Thanks to experience, dedication and on-site management and care, our agents have the training and skills to take the toughest calls and turn them into opportunities. Excellent customer care leads to more saved sales, stronger and longer customer relationships, and additional sales and revenue.

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    Applied Perceptions saved our clients more than $90 million by saving sales

  • The Second AdvantageMore Sales, More Revenue

    Applied Perceptions’ agents aren't just skilled at providing exceptional care, they are also highly trained in sales techniques. Backed by state-of-the-art call-routing technology that ensures each call goes to the right agent, Applied Perceptions is equipped to provide our clients with an additional sales resource focused on increasing revenues. It’s why Applied Perceptions clients come to see us as a profit center that delivers bottom line benefits.

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    Applied Perceptions sold over $40 million of product for our clients

  • The Third AdvantageCare that Keeps Customers Happy

    Applied Perceptions’ contact center is designed to turn your vision of customer service into a reality. Happy customers stay longer and buy more, so everything we do is focused on making sure that every contact ends with a happy customer. You’re always welcome to sit in on or take part in agent training so you can see how we strive for and continually achieve excellence in meeting your customers’ needs.

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    Applied Perceptions has handled more than 6 million calls on behalf of our clients

Customer Support Services

From inbound sales and product support to business intelligence and brand management, Applied Perceptions is a full-service customer relationship center, with the team, the technology and the scalability to be a dedicated partner in the growth of your business.

The personal attention of a boutique contact center, scalable to your scheduling needs, big or small

We’re not fans of the one-size-fits all approach, so we customize coverage to meet your scheduling and budgetary needs, with the flexibility and capacity to scale our seats and services as your needs change. With three business models, you have a choice of dedicated agents, shared agents, or a blended option, ensuring maximum cost efficiency for your small, medium or enterprise-level organization.

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