How may we help you?

Five simple words that are at the heart of everything we do

Beyond providing exceptional service to your customers, Applied Perceptions is committed to being a proactive partner in the growth and profitability of your business. It’s a commitment that’s clear in the results we achieve with every call, email or chat we handle on your behalf.

Every call helps you … build trust and goodwill for your brand

We’ve all experienced bad customer service ? long hold times, agents who are rude or don’t care. Our first priority is always to eliminate customer frustration. Experience and continuous, client-focused training enable AP agents to ask the right questions and solve problems quickly. We don’t just save sales, we save relationships.

Every call helps you … turn customers into brand loyalists

We look beyond the moment and make sure you get the maximum benefit from each customer communication by talking to them in a way that leaves them feeling like they just got off the phone with a friend. We make the relationship personal. When customers think of your business that way, they stick by you.

Every call helps you … grow revenue and customer value 

Our agents are skilled at saving sales and relationships as well as turning the sometimes difficult customer service calls into additional sales. Frequently, this means that we will be able to sell more than we bill for the costs of our services. In the immediate term, it means more money coming in. Over the long term, it means customers who come back to buy again.

Every call helps you … manage costs

With Applied Perceptions, you have options, both in the number of seats as well as the model you choose (shared vs. dedicated vs. hybrid), and we’ll help you understand which offers you the best cost savings. Realizing that we’re only successful if you’re successful, we’re always focused on fast, one-call resolution to minimize expenses, including our investment in valuable technology that ensures the most cost-effective handling of calls.

Every call helps you … fine-tune your business 

Applied Perceptions service to you doesn’t end when the call does. Our agents and supervisors use the insight gathered on each call to provide feedback that helps you see your business more clearly ? what customers want and how to make life easier for them ? so you can feel confident you’re making the most informed decisions.

How May We Help You?

We’d love to learn more about your business, association or group so we can tailor a program to meet your needs. To get in touch, call us now at 1-855-APPLIED.